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Identify the Site Hazards

Common Hazards

  • Working Alone
  • Invisibility to traffic
  • Poor weather
  • Temperature extremes
  • Struck by debris
  • Pedestrians, cyclists on shoulder
  • Moving traffic
  • Soft tissue injuries

Hazard Control

Hazard Control Checklist

  • Maintain schedules 2-way radio or cell phone contact
  • Have a helper
  • PPE, appropriate clothing for weather
  • Beacon, warning lights
  • Work with buffer vehicle
  • Illumination, flashlights
  • Obtain TMP prior to commencement of work.
  • Review and stock set-up truck with extra gear
  • Determine escape zones
  • Ensure clear sightlines
  • Practice safe lifting

What more should be done?

By whom?
By when?
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Rev date: Sep 26,2011
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